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May 2017 c.o.t.m "level cap" - required unfinished piece

2017-05-24 19:45:59 by SealOfTheParty

6117548_149566963092_190307.jpg Well, just finished the inking of the piece, now for the coloring.

This is Samus imagined in a sort of "level cap", as in this illustration she is controlling a giant mech suit.

This is not the finished piece, it's the in-progress version of it required to enter Jazza's competition, the completed piece will be submitted tomorrow with the title and the correct tags.


Christmas avatar

2016-12-23 20:12:46 by SealOfTheParty

 So, i was thinking to do a christmas version of my avatar, but i'm kinda lazy, and its a bit late anyways, maybe i will, idk .-.

Profile restart

2016-12-01 15:13:58 by SealOfTheParty

 So, i just deleted my dumb and useless posts, i learned to submit images only today xD (yeah, i'm really that noob), but for now on i think i'm gona use Newgrounds correctly.. at least i think.